Pitching Your Startup

Pitching your startup is an intimidating process. In the space of a few minutes, you’ll have to explain your idea and why the investors should invest their hard-earned money into it. So you’re [...]

Founders Agreement

Your start-up is beginning to form – you have an idea and partners and now it’s the time to make your relationship binding. It may seem trivial now when you are all in good relations, however, [...]

Due Diligence

It is never too early to prepare for the company’s next investment round. Experience shows that the longest and most exhausting part of an investment is usually the due diligence process, but it [...]

Keeping Company Secrets

The most important asset of your company is the unique technology that you develop and therefore you must protect and defend it. Here are some recommended actions to keep your company's trade secrets:

“The A-Team”

As you surely understood, this article will not deal with the famous characters from the 80's TV series, but rather employing employees who may add value to your start-up company in its first [...]

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